Wendy – Pride in my Past

Getting pregnant, at a young age, comes with it’s own challenges and many girls who do so, shy away from any social activities. I gathered the courage to join the DREAMS club, so that I can learn better ways to deal with certain health issues and my life in general. I understand I made a series of bad decisions that led me to this point but, I understand that I can turn my life around.

The DREAMS club has accorded me with the confidence I needed to realise that even as a single mother I can still make something out of my life while working on myself and trying to improve my life with the skills we are taught.

I attend the sessions with my child, to show other single young mothers that our story hasn’t ended and the club is a safe place to ask all the Sexual Reproductive Health problems we might face or some Family Planning methods we can use.

I am confident in the decisions I am making and will be making going forward as I have learnt to take charge of my life and be an inspiration to others.

I am not a product of what has happened to me in my past.

I have the power of choice.

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