Teenage Single Motherhood

As if falling pregnant at 17 wasn’t bad enough, my baby’s father left me alone to fend for myself and the baby. Without proper direction or guidance, I fell prey to many different vices and also fell in love with an abusive partner who was physically and emotionally abusive.

After joining the DREAMS club, I started gaining confidence in myself and also started getting educated in how to protect myself from not getting pregnant again before I am ready. I have also learnt about toxicity and possessiveness in relationships because this is harmful and is one of the leading causes of GBV (gender based violence).

I’ve learnt skills from attending these sessions and I’m now well equipped to start a lucrative small business to support my baby and not engage in risky behavior that can put my life at risk . I’m now strong willed and well informed on what choices to make when it concerns my body and my child.

I have learnt that only I have the power and responsibility to pick myself up.

Cynthia’s Story.

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