Roadmap to Redemption

Born in Luapula Province, in the small town of Mansa, I stopped schooling in my 9th grade to get married at the age of 17 after which i proceeded to join my husband Innocent in Chingola District. With very little knowledge on Sexual Reproductive Health and Family Planning, my husband and I had a child.

With the stigma that comes with illiteracy I was afraid to talk to any health practitioner on what my health choices were when it came to child bearing until, I joined Latkings DREAMS club at Luano Kapisha Hospital. I have learned so much from coming here, I’ve been taught about how to take family planning seriously and not fear asking questions where clarity is needed.

My husband has also played a huge role in my growth in learning about my health, he has been encouraging me to attend all DREAMS club sessions despite having to attend these sessions with our 1 year old baby as he can see the positive impact it’s bringing in our lives.

I was inspired through what I’ve been learning and I decided to invite him to one of the Latkings Outreach Adolescent Services Provisions and he didn’t hesitate to come with me. During the Program we had access to a VCT session with one of the health providers and later had a session with a nurse that provided us with accurate information on family planning.

We are now looking at what family planning method will be best suited for us to take, because family planning was shadowed with the myths of causing cancer and barrenness but thanks to the DREAMS club we have been well informed.

My husband has been inspired to encourage his friends to allow their wives to be part of the DREAMS club as we as a couple have benefited greatly and are well informed on different SRH topics.

Through the club, I’ve also been inspired to go back to school and complete my education or start a business with the skills I’ve been equipped with by attending the DREAMS club. I am now well aware that I can achieve anything I set my mind to and I am bouncing back. Failure will never overtake me because my determination to succeed is strong enough.

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