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Latkings Outreach Program

Founded in 2003, Latkings Outreach Program has been providing HIV/AIDS educational programs and mobile counseling and testing services in both work places and communities. Latkings Outreach Program is a local non-governmental organization whose goal is to mitigate the spread of HIV and AIDS through the provision of mobile health care services. Latkings develops multiple approaches aimed at promoting prevention activities through educational trainings and awareness programs for specific schools, work places, communities and churches, Latkings policy is driven by the organization’s dedication to better health and greater access to health care services to the people.

Latkings envisions a day when all Africans young and old can live their best life and come together to build a productive and thriving society that is free from HIV/AIDS. We work towards building an educated community that enjoys great sexual reproductive health and is active in upholding all human rights.

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