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AFRICA REACH — Adolescents 4 Adolescents

Latkings’ “Adolescent for Adolescent” project: Amplifying Youth Voices for Integrated Healthcare

In October 2023, Latkings Outreach Program launched the “Adolescents for Adolescents” initiative, addressing the unique needs of young individuals with HIV.

About the Project

Partnering with healthcare facilities, Latkings identified challenges in medication collection. Advocates in Lusaka and Chingola amplify youth voices, advocating for integrated services at adolescent-friendly spaces delivered by young, trained healthcare providers.

The program, marked by counselor training and home visits, aims to improve ART(Antiretroviral therapy)adherence. Recognizing the importance of human connections, Latkings emphasizes direct engagements for sustained medical support.

Acknowledging supporters like Africa REACH and the Desmond Tutu Foundation, Latkings highlights the collective effort in creating a brighter future for adolescents with HIV.

The “Adolescent for Adolescent” initiative stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing the impact of compassionate initiatives. Latkings’ commitment reflects a path towards a more inclusive healthcare landscape, where amplified voices advocate for integrated services led by young healthcare providers.


— DREAMS Project

Funded by ViiV health care of the United Kingdom through Positive Action for Girls and Young Women (AGYWs), the project targets Adolescent girls and young women aged between 15-24 years. Its focus is aimed at reducing new HIV infections among adolescent girls and promoting behavioural change resulting into Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS free, Mentored and Safe girls.


My Name is Tebbeh White and am 17 years old. I am a proud DREAMS girl!! I enjoy living a healthy life, to do so, I play tennis and visit the gym. I am passionate about sports because I love doing it. As my norm now is, going for my sport activities at OYDC, I was introduced to DREAMS club of Latkings Outreach Program through ViiV Health Care of the United Kingdom a year ago by my friends who are also DREAMS members. They explained to me that the group consisted of girls who discuss different issues that surround a girl child and how they can overcome them, not only do they talk but also receive basic empowerment skills to help enhance a girl child towards making positive choices, I was excited and interested because I knew that through DREAMS I had an opportunity to learn and grow. DREAMS is an abbreviation for a girl who now through mentorship is Determined, Resilient, Empowered, Aids Free, Mentored and Safe.


—Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

In 2020, Latkings Outreach Program (LOP) collaborated with CSA from Kenya and SAFAIDS from Zimbabwe to implement the Adolescents Sexual Reproductive Health and Right Programme with support from Hivos. This project is focusing on improving the ASRHR outcomes in the ESA region among adolescents and young people in the ESA region. In Zambia, it is anticipated that the project will demand a counter change and promote advocacy agenda around ASRHR gaps particularly enhancing integrated sexual reproductive health services through the adolescent friendly spaces.


— A New and Healthier Me - a girls mentoring project

Funded by ViiV health care of the United Kingdom through positive action for girls and young women, A new and healthier me is a girls mentoring project that mentors Adolescent Girls and Young Women between the ages of 10-18 years around their self-confidence, self-esteem, personal and professional skills, aspirations as well as develop and extend their academic achievements, communication skills, positive life choices and a sense of their own personal power through conducting one-to-one (1:1) alongside group sessions.


— Adolescent to Adolescent (A2A)

Despite improved and highly successful programmatic coverage with ART, significant numbers of individuals drop out of care at various points along the treatment pathway due to various reasons. Retention of people on ART and ensuring adherence to treatment are critical determinants of successful long term outcomes. Zambia being on a cascade to achieving the 95-95-95 HIV goals has a larger gap on attaining the third 95 goal with a significant gap among sub-populations including adolescents. 

What We Care to do!

Capacity Building
Community Outreach
Creative Arts
HIV- SRHR Awareness
Mobile Service Provision
Multi-level Advocacy
School Outreach