A Success Story

My name is Elgar Katati, I am 19 years old. I completed my secondary School in 2019. I have always wanted to become a journalist but unfortunately due to finances that dream has been put aside. Being a girl growing up wasn’t easy but I once heard that if a door closes a window opens and that open window happened to be Latkings DREAMS.

I grew up to be this shy girl who never believed in herself. Coming from a humble back ground I saw no future for myself. I never paid attention at school but was preoccupied feeling sorry for myself. Then one day latkings DREAMS visited our school and I joined just for fun. Later on I started following there sessions regularly and through the help of the mentors I got back up on my feet.

I was taught how to be resilient and determined. I started working very hard at school and my performance chanced very much and I worked on my self confidence by learning to love and accept everything about me. Through Latkings DREAMS I was able to attain better results than expected even though I haven’t gone to college yet am confident that it shall be well through perseverance, hard work and patience.

I am currently working for DREAMS Latkings as a mentor. Being passionate about Girl Children helps me to be a suitable guide to young girls as they navigate through life.

I am happy to be a DREAMS champion!

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