Dating in the New Age

BOY’S VOICE – I was unsure whether or not to start dating because I knew dating required some form of sexual intimacy. I had been told by my peers that as soon as I got a girlfriend, I needed to impregnant her so that nobody can snatch her away from me. I was afraid to find a girlfriend because I wasn’t ready for it.

When I joined the Youth Friendly Space, we got an education on safe ways to go about dating and I gathered the courage to find a girl I liked and ask her to be my girlfriend which she agreed to and I later started bringing her to the Friendly Space with me and encouraged her to join the DREAMS club so that we can both be educated on the safe paths to navigate the dating world.

GIRL’S VOICE – I too had been afraid of dating as I was told I would get pregnant and I would have to stop school, society had filled us with so much false information that we didn’t even consider guided dating with help from counselors and Latkings mentors that are provided for at the Space meetings and DREAMS club, so when my boyfriend asked me to join him for the AFS meeting, I was delighted as we were both very afraid, but thanks to Latkings Outreach we have been taught on the healthy ways of dating and how best we can protect ourselves from unwanted pregnancy, STIs, HIV/AIDS and an unhealthy relationship. We are not only being told about sexual reproductive health, but also abstinence, thanks to Latkings, our step into the dating life has been guided.

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